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January 9th, 2013



“My life is unbelievably bad. I am a teacher and most of my coworkers think I’m strange and avoid me so I avoid them. fell in love with a beautiful 16 year old student and I think she was in love with me but we were both too embarrassed to do anything about it. I’m 43 and became obsessed with receiving texts from this student. some flirty, and some cool respones to me. my wife and I have no sex life no children and are arguing all the time. I think the only reason we stay married is just inertia. I don’t have any real friends. And I live in a crappy spartment. What truly killed me was seeing the 16 yr old with a boy. Guess she got tired of me. That was incredibly painful. I continue to hope shell text me. Pathetic”


“Dear Pathetic, how about “Let’s bomb Pakistan?”





Sehwan Sharif, Pakistan. July 2012 /  Sehwan Sharif, Pakistan. Lipiec 2012

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