światosław / tales from the world

al haqq

November 7th, 2019



It is both sense of great joy and fulfilment for us, who had exchanged stimulation of nomadic life for being settled in this forest, as well as essential part of the therapeutic process, that our camp has become a meeting place for people from so diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages and paths of life. Source of healing is precisely the energy resulting from those encounters, exchange of experiences through conversations, feeling but even more through extraordinary, almost telepathic connection in the ceremonies, and so happens greater understanding of self, own suffering and way out of it, through honest seeing and acknowledging it in other, and so in all, in One. We are willingly laid bare in front of others, as we have maybe never even been in front of ourselves, and we can do it, laughing at the concept of shame, because we have seen that there is no Other. Rastafarian concept of I&I, Christian selfless love for one´s brother, dissolving the drop in the ocean, poetry of mankind has many names for what mystics had glimpsed, and there is no point in waiting who is do first step when effects benefit all. Forgive now, truly love yourself and rest grows from it.

To zarowno zrodlo wielkiej radosci i spelnienia dla tych z nas, ktorzy zamienili stymulacje nomadycznego zycia na osiadly tryb w tym kawalku lasu, jak rowniez niezbedna czesc terapeutycznego procesu, ze nasz oboz stal sie miejscem spotkan ludzi z tak roznorodnych sciezek zyciowych, kultur, grup wiekowych i spolecznych. Zrodlem uzdrawiania jest dokladnie energia wyplywajaca z tych spotkan, wymiany doswiadczen, konwersacji, wspol-czucia czy tym bardziej niezwyklych, niemalze telepatycznych polaczen w ceremoniach, i to tak staje sie wielki cud doglebnego zrozumienia siebie, wlasnego cierpienia i drogi z niego wyjscia, poprzez uczciwe dojrzenie i uznanie go w innym, i tym samym we wszystkich, w Jedni. Swiadomie i chetnie obnazamy sie przed innymi, tak jak nigdy nie uczynilismy tego nawet przed soba samym, i mozemy to robic, smiejac sie z idei wstydu, poniewaz zobaczylismy ze nie ma Innego. Rastafarianski koncept I&I, chrzescijanska bezinteresowna milosc blizniego, rozpuszczenie kropli w oceanie, poezja ludzkosci ma wiele okreslen na ten przeblysk zrozumienia mistykow, i nie ma sensu czekac kto ma uczynic pierwszy krok, jezeli jego owoce beda dla wszystkich. Przebacz juz teraz, kochaj siebie szczerze, a reszta z tego wyrasta.

sweat as medicine

November 7th, 2019



Foundation myths of a culture tell a lot about its approach to fundamental issues of human life. Eating from Tree of Knowledge being a sin in eyes of jealous god, projection of priestly caste and rulers needing religion as tool of social control is well known example, another is work as punishment.

Judeo-christian perspective of paradise as some distant, lost place before and after, without burden of obligations and work not only can be read as longing of sedentary, agricultural civilization for times of free roaming nomads, gathering what they need from abundant garden of nature, but is also conveniently fitting in modern capitalist economy, with its obsession of mechanization, taking away more and more tasks from human consumer, in theory to make his life easier and happier, in practice fulfilling need only to create another, placing him in constant bipolar struggle between workaholism despite abundance already present, and idle emptiness in wealth and depression. It echoes in Warren Buffet´s saying that if you don’t find a way to earn in your sleep, you will be working until the end of your life.

And WTF is wrong with that?

Isn´t that approach, that work is means to a final end, result, redemption in vacation or wealthy retirement, corresponding with Christian approach to life, that the reward will come when we do the necessary work, some time later, so we have to face that dull hell of the present? Focus on destination, not the way, on prize rather than the game itself, is a source of perpetual unfulfillment and unhappiness. We created that exile ourselves, not angry Jehovah, not by being forced do the work, but by our minds taking over, with their worrying and preoccupation with future, and distorting image of present moment, including possible beauty of effort itself.

When we chop the wood, preparing it for the ceremony that comes in the evening, it is not that this sweating is something to be hated, and state of bliss after drinking ayahuasca something to be waited for and loved, because we fixed ourselves on the idea that this is ceremony, this is celebration time, sacred time, while the preparation, menial work is mundane and necessary. Chopping wood IS the ceremony, as much as burning palo santo or singing icaros.
Same logic can be applied to any activity. When you cook, you should not see that as a chore, necessary to satisfy yourself with gorging later. Etc, etc, but I should conclude with important : we heard the phrase, do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life. But that not only means, find your bliss, and become a windsurfing instructor.

It means : love everything



From the perspective of working within an old, non Western tradition of healing, what limitation and potential problem can be seen in new, so called “psychedelic renaissance” happening in the West? It is perhaps hard to convey with words, because it is precisely about words and intellect. In our opinion one can not effectively break the prison created in modern society by hegemony of mind, using tools and approach that to such extent favours the mind, the logical and disregards in worst case, or in best, is not very skilled in dealing with emotion, vibration, and much less with what is awkwardly labeled supernatural or spiritual.


The very idea that so called psychedelic substances are best ( or only ) to be used in clinical setting, by people with years of intellectual, university preparation, to help “patients” blocked in their development by dominant mind ( which is clear in issues such as depression ) seems only paradox when watched from outside of that paradigm. The mind and its relative, language, creates our world, so it is only natural that one living within it, knows no better. However, when then this way of seeing and working is projected upon the Other, who does have an alternative, which could perhaps be a way of salvation, there is a risk that this very alternative will be disregarded and destroyed.


Shaman blowing tobacco smoke on patient’s head can be only accepted as cultural relic, ancient practice that civilized people learned to respect ( very recently actually ) but would rather have delegated to museum unless it can be rationally A) understood B) proven C) explained in words/literature , all requisites of mind paradigm.


Of course, value of some non verbal “aides” to healing process slowly starts to be recognized, when intuition is given a bit of humble space, some plants will be placed in clinical setting, sometimes incense lit, young assistant to the professor will be permitted to choose playlist to play through patient’s headphones. These efforts are rather considered secondary improvement to the main structure, which is composed of authority of university degree, therapeutic tool of words and belonging of “clinical setting” to whole modern knowledge edifice.


From perspective of organic, traditional plant medicine systems this is kindergarten play. Good that these experiments are taking place, but very arrogant when those who are just beginning to get off their head and stand on their feet are looking down on the very foundation.


That foundation is somatic. It is emotional. It is, do not be afraid of this, spiritual. Intellectual understanding is just a cherry on top, it should be the addition, not other way around. But what is the biggest obstacle from being so? Impossibility of standarisation and so commercialization of both that non verbal knowledge and healing styles. Our civilization is, at least since spread of print, so much based on knowledge stadarized into small bits, that can be repeated, passed on a mass scale from mind to mind, that it simply does not want to see alternative, or perhaps sees it as shameful relic of pre-modern past.

This attitude is replicated in ways of modern medicine, if something can not be replicated in standarized bits, be it repeatable dose of chemically verifiable drug ( hence the psychedelic renaissance interest in MDMA rather than rough jungle formulas ) or standarized treatment procedures, to be taught in medical schools and books, it remains on the fringe – rather than essence it truly is :

somatic, sensual, magical experience of here and now, lacking rigidness of both religion it sometimes decays into, or fundamentalism of science, religion of urbanized societies; an ancient ART – art back from being lost in wastelands of ego, back to its primary function of making whole – HEALING.

Faerie land

July 2nd, 2019



Another way to access the world of the Fae was to find a secret entrance. These were typically guarded, but every once in a while an enterprising adventurer would find his way in. Often, he found upon leaving that more time had passed than he expected. In several tales, mortals who spend a day in the fairy realm find that seven years have passed in their own world.








That gate is within, and yet, it opens magic doors everywhere in This reality.






“Taussig wrote that the perception of the shaman as the creator of order from chaos mirrors the romantic notions of the Western imagination rather than the reality of shamanism. The anthropologist pointed out that the very talk about the shamans’ mystical trips to the heavenly spheres and their organic unity with their tribes is an example of a ‘‘fascist fascination.’’ This is clearly a reference to the scholarship and intellectual background of Eliade, the classic scholar of shamanism studies, who paid tribute to nationalist soil ideology during his early years. The anthropologist simultaneously took on those of his colleagues who associate order with good and disorder with evil. Taussig saw in the anarchy and disorder of Amazon ayahuasca spiritual sessions a helpful antidote to the Western ‘‘fascist’’ order, which is rooted in the European Enlightenment with its logic, rationalism, and discipline. According to Taussig, in this spiritual anarchy lies the liberation potential of shamanic sessions. If we are to believe the anthropologist, one of the Putumayo shamans he met directly pointed out to him, ‘‘I have been teaching people revolution through my work with plants.’’



“Taussig pisał, że postrzeganie szamana jako tworzącego porządek z chaosu jest odbiciem romantycznych koncepcji z zachodniej wyobraźni a nie rzeczywistości szamanizmu. Antropolog wskazywał, iż samo gadanie o mistycznych podróżach szamanów do niebiańskich sfer i ich organicznej jedności ze swoim plemieniem to przykład “faszystowskiej fascynacji”. To jasna aluzja do prac i intelektualnych korzeni Eliade, klasycznego badacza szamanizmu, który oddawał hołd nacjonalistycznej ideologii ziemi podczas swoich wczesnych lat. Antropolog jednocześnie uderza w swoich kolegów, którzy łączą porządek z dobrem i chaos ze złem. Taussig w anarchii i chaosie ayahuaskowych duchowych sesji widział przydatne antidotum do zachodniego “faszystowskiego” porządku, zakorzenionego w europejskim Oświeceniu, ze swoją logiką, racjonalizmem i dyscypliną. Według Taussiga, to w duchowej anarchii leży wyzwalający potencjał szamańskich sesji. Jeżeli mamy mu wierzyć, usłyszał te słowa bezpośrednio od jednego z szamanów z Putumayo : “Poprzez swoją pracę z roślinami uczę ludzi rewolucji”.


[ "The Beauty of the Primitive. Shamanism and the Western Imagination", Andrei A. Znamenski ]



best spoken around the fire

February 6th, 2019

I am often asked, why not publish a book about my experiences? It for sure would be more effective in spreading knowledge about certain things and issues than this blog or random articles somewhere. But I came to believe that certain things are more important than “effectiveness”, like truth and honesty, and we all shift our values from latter to former, that unreigned beast called progress could be introduced to his potential fiancee, harmony.


First of all, I love how my life became in ways, let me use this fashionable word, organic. So I think it perfectly fits the style, if I pass certain observations, insights to individuals gathered together, going already through similar process, hence willing and ready to receive, by direct conversation. It fits the style of off- grid living, rather than jetting around the world of my days before. Feels right when it’s done while scraping the medicinal roots, so far removed from extracted single compounds, in bottles listing countless side effects in tiny sings called print.





Because it is not only about romantic fancy of stepping back into oral culture. I think that is not a coincidence that now, when we are recreating / rediscovering ancient techniques of communication with the spirit world, reviving the mythical, that alternative to print ways of communication become important. There is much more than words that direct, oral communication can convey to those who are prepared to hear it, going through initiation, open and present.


Word is like a seed, and it has to fall on fertile ground. Of course, one can scatter it in thousands of copies, hoping that some of them trigger something more than intellectual understanding, or worse, blind quasi religious following.  But we have wasted already so many trees, and besides, there is a risk of devaluation of the message but making it too public too quickly. Many initiatory traditions understood it, most likely long before Al-Halaj has been executed for his too enthusiastically shared revelation.


The other risk is of inflating one’s ego, enamored with sound of own message, its impact, influence, income it brings, and in the meantime, its readers, always happy to receive instructions from the exterior, live in the description rather than in the experience itself. Despite “those who know are silent and those who don’t know, speak” there has been too many Oshos, producing countless volumes, financing their limousines, and binding thousands of believers in stupor of attachment, while both the herd and the shepherd lived far from what was preached.


Word can be countereffective. It can be based upon and point to the example of someone’s experience, and then negated and opposed by the one who doesn’t have such an experience, and therefore block him from it. Word is dualistic discussion, constant monkey chatter, that scares away many more subtle messages present in the cosmos of the forest. And it is through the forest that I am learning in recent years. It is good to silence oneself there to hear more, especially in the path of medicinal dietas, path of vibrating with the plants. When one reveals secrets too soon and open, not only they loose their potency, but one may be blocked from receiving more. Better to keep tuning in, refining that shared vibration frequency, and then enable others to join in the song, in full presence and participation, until truth and harmony is so clearly visible, heard and felt that it needs to be discussed no more.



anywhere on this road

December 25th, 2018



I live in this country now
I’m called by this name
I speak this language
It’s not quite the same
For no other reason
Than this it’s my home
And the places I used to be far from are gone
You’ve travelled this long
You just have to go on
Don’t even look back to see
How far you’ve come
Though your body is bending
Under the load
There is nowhere to stop
Anywhere on this road




I love this hour

When the tide is just turning
There will be an end
To the longing and yearning
If I can stand up
To angels and men
I’ll never get swallowed
In darkness again




world of life

May 26th, 2018



“If the baby in the darkness of its mother’s womb were told: “Outside there is a world of life , with high mountains, great seas, undulating planes, beautiful gardens in blossom, a sky full of stars, and a blazing sun … And you, facing all these marvels, stay enclosed in this darkness …” The unborn child, knowing nothing about these marvels, would not believe any of these. Like us, when we are facing death. That’s why we’re afraid.”


From Death to Life. Bab Aziz.







Let that sink in, lovers of Pachamama :

“( Incas ) burned so much firewood ( for their solar gods ) that the countryside around Cusco was denuded of trees ; they offered huge amounts of food and fine clothing to the gods, especially the Sun.


It was for quite some time that I found hard to understand many spiritual counterculture representants’ enchantment with chosen empires of the new world, such as Maya or Inca. I can recognize in the need of pride source why local populations may respect or even worship their distant ancestors, while bitching about current, elected governments, even though I never believed that pride is a good remedy for low self-esteem, I rather see them as two sides of the same coin. But why scores of critics and refugees from ¨Western¨ patriarchal regimes of oppression and domination, outcasts from Babylon, as they sometimes describe themselves, choose to worship totalitarian rulers of the past, tyrannical oppressors of all kinds of minorities, pioneers of forced resettlement of nations, performers of human sacrifice, theocrats, killers of own brothers, who build their empires by sweat of generations of forced labourers, that never fails to amaze me. But then again, I was never impressed by abilities of certain people to force others to pile lots of bricks or stones, these systems of oppression and its fruits called civilization. You may argue that lots of people are, and they willfully supported and worshipped their Inca ( = ruling elite ) masters, but a system of ruthless punishments for disobedience recorded in chronicles, as well as similar sights of conquered, occupied crowds in Eastern European streets forced into cheering their Stalins suggest otherwise.


But I am here more interested in psychology of Inca´s themselves and what we can learn from it for ourselves, especially that, as we can see all around us, similar mechanisms are at play in human psyche of today, as well as in society at large. Society that is constructed out of pathological overgrowth of one of components of human being, that is parasitical, always hungry ego. Society of domination, unlimited as cancer expansion, which in reality suffers deep void, emptiness, covered up by shiny artifacts and appolinian propaganda, all because of denial of the shadow. Society of unchecked sun, proud master, that forgotten or even demonized the wisdom of the snake.


Ego wants to speak, does not want to listen to uncomfortable truths. Ego is control, chaos kept at bay, all little elements must be dominated, put into order of the empire of soul, there is no space for trickster, no space for questioning the dogma. Certain ancient cultures knew this danger and carefully preserved the remnant of shamanic voice in form of oracles, irrational source of wisdom, to be consulted and listened to, despite own desires and plans. But totalitarian tyrans tend to forget about this balance. There was such an oracle in Peru, a place called Pachacamac, serving for generations, until the Incas took it, in their quest to subdue everything to their one and only – as is the Sun – authority. It was allowed some degree of independence, even sons of Sun were afraid of the old chtonic force of the earth. But if one reads their story as a tale of subconscious being progressively conquered by the sunny egoes of the rulers, then it is not surprising that eventually it acts against them, and in the crucial moment of Spanish conquest, when consulted by Atahualpa, Pachacamac lies to him, saying that newcomers are no threat to fear. We all know further story of the fall, what goes too much up, must go down.





Przemyślcie dobrze poniższe słowa, miłośnicy Matki Natury :


” ( Inkowie ) palili ( dla swoich solarnych bogów ) tak wiele drewna, że kraina wokół Cusco została pozbawiona drzew ; ofiarowywali ogromne ilości jedzenia i drogich tkanin swoim bogom, zwłaszcza Słońcu”


Od dłuższego już czasu miałem problem ze zrozumieniem wielu reprezentantów duchowej kontrkultury, zakochanych w niektórych, wybranych imperiach nowego świata, na przykład Majów czy też Inków. Jestem w stanie rozpoznać w potrzebie źródła dumy powód takiej fascynacji czy nawet kultu dawnych przodków wśród lokalnych mieszkańców, którzy równocześnie klną na współczesne, wybrane przez siebie przecież rządy, chociaż i tak osobiście uważam, że duma nie jest rozwiązaniem problemu niskiej samooceny, to raczej dwie strony tego samego medalu. Ale dlaczego tylu spośród krytyków i uchodźców spod opresji “zachodnich” patriarchalnych reżimów, uciekinierów z Babilonu, jak się czasem sami określają, decyduje się na kult totalitarnych egzotycznych władców przeszłości, tyranów prześladujących liczne mniejszości, pionierów przymusowych przesiedleń, ofiar z ludzi, teokratów, bratobójców, którzy zbudowali swoje imperia na pocie pokoleń przymusowych robotników, to nigdy nie przestaje mnie zadziwiać. Cóż, nigdy nie imponowały mi specjalnie talenty niektórych ludzi do zmuszania innych by gromadzili na kupie wiele cegieł czy kamieni, te systemy opresji i ich owoce zwane cywilizacją. Można argumentować że wielu ludzi się tym jara, i ochoczo wspierało i czciło swoich Inków ( = panów i władców ), ale system brutalnych kar za nieposłuszeństwo zachowany w kronikach, jak i podobne obrazki podbitych, uciskanych tłumów Europy Wschodniej, zmuszonych do radosnego wiwatowania swoim Stalinom sugerują raczej coś innego.


Ale tutaj jestem bardziej zainteresowany psychologią samych Inków, i tym co możemy się z niej nauczyć, zwłaszcza że, jak widzimy wokół nas, podobne mechanizmy funkcjonują we współczesnej psychice, jak i w społeczeństwie. Społeczeństwie, jakie zbudowane jest na patologicznym rozroście jednej ze składowych ludzkiej istoty, to znaczy pasożytniczym, zawsze głodnym ego. Społeczeństwie dominacji, nieograniczonej niczym rak ekspansji, które w rzeczywistości cierpi z powodu głębokiej pustki, przykrytej lśniącymi artefaktami, apolińską propagandą, wszystko z powodu wyparcia cienia. Społeczeństwie niepohamowanego, zaborczego Słońca, dumnego pana, które zapomniało, a nawet zdemonizowało wiedzę węża.


Ego chce przemawiać, nie chce słuchać niewygodnych prawd. Ego to kontrola, wypierany chaos, wszystkie drobne elementy muszą być zdominowane, poukładane w racjonalną układankę imperium duszy, nie ma tu miejsca dla trickstera, nie ma miejsca na kwestionowanie dogmatu. Pierwotne kultury znały to zagrożenie, i przechowały pozostałość szamańskiego głosu ostrzegawczego w formie wyroczni, nieracjonalnego źródła mądrości, którego warto posłuchać, wbrew własnym pragnieniom i planom. Ale totalitarni władcy zwykle zapominają o tej równowadze, ku swojej zgubie. Istniała w Peru taka wyrocznia, miejsce zwane Pachacamac, służaca pokoleniom i niezależnym narodom, aż nie przejęli jej Inkowie, w swojej krucjacie podporządkowania wszystkiego swojej , jedynej jak Słońce, władzy. Pozostawiono mu nadal nieco niezależności, nawet synowie Słońca bali się starej chtonicznej siły ziemi, choć uznali ją za podrzędną. Ale jeżeli czytamy ich historię jako opowieść o podświadomości stopniowo podbijanej przez słoneczne ego władców, to nie zaskakuje iż ostatecznie obraca się ona przeciw nim, i w kluczowym momencie hiszpańskiego podboju Pachacamac okłamuje Atahualpę szukającego rady, mówiąc mu iż przybysze nie są żadnym zagrożeniem. Wiemy co działo się dalej, co się za wysoko wspięło, musi boleśnie spaść.






Just as the arrogant rulers of the highlands who failed to penetrate the thicksness of the jungle and to subdue its wild inhabitants, angry at their failure devised a view of the spiritual world divided into pure and sophisticated high world, hanan pacha, connected with male and solar values, and hurin pacha, low chtonic land of the death, moist and feminine, so their Christian counterparts, rooted in semitic desert traditions, worshipped only ancient high wind creator, Jahwe, and scorned the inner wisdom of the serpent. The truth was to be imposed from above, royal edict not be questioned, be it from masters in Cusco, ¨navel of the world¨, or Catholic monarchs of Vatican representing even higher lord. The exoteric, formal knowledge and rules are what ego loves and it is useful for creating empires, effective piling of bricks, but devastating for nature, both the one at large, and the one inside. It eventually brings disaster, and this is what happened to the Incas. Their shiny egoes climbed to such heights, that they were just calling out for the likes of conquistadors, their mirror reflections, to come and conquer, because ego, like cancer, in the end is its own destroyer. It was the love of solar gold, and disregard for own brother, it was the love of own words, own theological creations, that all protagonists of this story shared, and that until this day continues to destroy their souls, and sometimes, in a serpentine twist of fate, when things are bad, they end up coming to drink ayahuasca with us, to the green matrix of the jungle, to listen to the snake again.

This is where I’d rather be, in balance and coexistence, in vibrating matrix of life, matrix of constant checks and balances, not domination over scorched plain, or stony plaza build upon it, where artificial idols, constructs of human mind, are paraded just as before Incas paraded their own mummies, in love with themselves only, with their own WORD, silencing all others, this rich symphony of nature, full of paradoxes. I want to be the serpent sneaking out of boring palace of one and only truth, before it crumbles to its doom.





Tak samo jak aroganccy władcy wysokich gór, którym nie udała się penetracja ciemnej gęstej dżunglii i podporządkowanie jej dzikich mieszkańców, wściekli na swoją porażkę wymyślili obraz duchowego świata podzielonego na czysty i wyrafinowany hanan pacha, świat wysoki, związany z solarnymi i męskimi wartościami, oraz hurin pacha, niski świat, chtoniczne królestwo śmierci, wilgoci i kobiecości,  tak ich chrześcijańscy odpowiednicy, zakorzenieni w semickich pustynnych tradycjach, czcili jedynie swego starożytnego boga wiatru, Jahwe na wysokościach, i gardzili wewnętrzną mądrością węża.  Prawda była narzucana z góry, jak królewski edykt, którego się nie kwestionuje, czy to od władców z  Cusco,”pępka świata”, czy od katolickich monarchów z Watykanu, namiestników jeszcze wyższego i bardziej odległego pana. Egzoteryczna, formalna wiedza i zasady są czymś, co ego kocha i co jest użyteczne do budowania imperiów, efektywnego składania cegieł do kupy, ale równocześnie niszczące dla natury, zarówno tej na zewnątrz, jak i tej wewnętrznej. Ostatecznie sprowadza kataklizm, i to się właśnie przydarzyło Inkom. Ich lśniące ego wspięło się na takie wyżyny, że było to jak wzywanie kogoś takiego jak konkwistadorzy, ich lustrzane odbicie, aby przybyli i podbili, bo ego, jak rak, ostatecznie jest przyczyną swej własnej zagłady. Miłość dla słonecznego złota, i nieposzanowanie własnego brata, miłość dla własnych słów, własnych teologicznych konstrukcji były czymś co łączyło wszystkich uczestników tej historii, i co po dziś dzień dalej niszczy ich dusze, aż czasem, w wężowym zwrocie losu, kiedy już jest źle, trafiają do nas, by w zielonej macierzy dżungli wypić ayahuaskę i posłuchać ponownie węża.


Wolę być tutaj, w równowadze, we współistnieniu, w wibrującej macierzy życia, w ogrodzie współzależności a nie dominacji nad wysuszonym płaskowyżem, czy na kamiennym rynku nań wybudowanym, gdzie sztuczne idole, produkty ludzkiego umysłu, są obnoszone na paradach, dokładnie tu gdzie Inkowie paradowali swoje mumie, zakochani w sobie samych, w swym własnym SŁOWIE, uciszając pozostałe, całą tą bogatą symfonię natury, pełną paradoksów. Chcę być wężem wyślizgującym się z nudnego pałacu jedynej słusznej prawdy, zanim zawali się na dobre.







O cosmic Birther, from whom the breath of life comes,






who fills all realms of sound, light and vibration.

Nethkâdasch schmach

May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.





Têtê malkuthach.

Your Heavenly Domain approaches.


Nehwê tzevjânach aikâna d’bwaschmâja af b’arha.

Let Your will come true in the universe (all that vibrates) just as on earth (that is material and dense).





Hawvlân lachma d’sûnkanân jaomâna.

Give us wisdom (understanding, assistance) for our daily need,


Waschboklân chaubên wachtahên aikâna daf chnân schwoken l’chaijabên.

detach the fetters of faults that bind us, (karma) like we let go the guilt of others.





Wela tachlân l’nesjuna

Let us not be lost in superficial things (materialism, common temptations),





ela patzân min bischa.

but let us be freed from that what keeps us off from our true purpose.


Metol dilachie malkutha wahaila wateschbuchta l’ahlâm almîn.

From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act, the song that beautifies all and renews itself from age to age.





Sealed in trust, faith and truth. (I confirm with my entire being)



[ Original "Our Father" prayer in Arameic. Photos from Ethiopia ]




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