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In recent decades we have travelled very fast on road of changing relationships with psychedelics – from therapists saying “drugs are bad, mmkay, what you need is our therapy” to users saying “ayahuasca gave me what 10 years of therapy couldn’t deliver” to finally therapists saying “mmkay, some drugs are good, but you NEED our therapy in the package”.


What about all finally acknowledging validity of journey itself, and relativity of importance of various stations – or destinations for that matter. What is needed for that is great courage for many involved – for some travelers to admit they are not “strong” enough to continue on their own, but for some therapists as well to confront their hidden fear of being left on their own, of not being needed, and hence not only jumping on the wagon, but forcing the view that all must jump on it the way they see it best.


Before my journey brought me to the Amazon, I have followed Sufi ways – literally and metaphorically, as each of their many branches is called precisely that – tariqa, “a path”. There are many of them, and far from being perfectly tolerant, those who trod on chosen one often look down upon others, see them as controversial, but despite the dialectic game, it seems like they – and many of us, remain aware of the underlying truth, that they are “only” that, a path, and most of all, rather then preach your truth, it is much more important to embody it.

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